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Doughnuts, Take 2!


Vegan doughnuts, so naughty and so good. Yes they involve a bit of deep frying, but, trust me, they are sooo worth the effort!

Who knew vegan doughnuts could be so good? Honestly, I’ll never go back to making them with eggs (even if I could eat them!) as it’s just not necessary! This is such a good recipe that’s quick to make, and if you can be brave to deep fry them, you’ll never go back to buying any sort of doughnut.


I chose to fill my doughnuts with raspberry jam. It’s a classic for a reason, right? These are definitely my favourite was to finish off a doughnut… I don’t know what in life could be better than biting into a freshly made still warm doughnut, sticky and crunchy on the outside with an explosion of jam in the centre that just dribbles all over your fingers.


These are definitely quite high up on the naughty scale… I know you can bake doughnuts…. but personally I sort of think if you’re going to eat one, do it properly and make it fried. The baked ones, although good, just miss the addictive texture of soft, fluffy dough in the middle with a crisp skin on the outside. These definitely hit the spot! And with quite a lot of sugar in them already, the extra bit of oil from frying really isn’t going to kill you!

I might do another post showing some other ways to finish off these doughnuts soon. I’m making it sound like that’s for your benefit…when really it just justifies me eating these again!


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Jam Filled Doughnuts


Dairy free doughnuts! I was so excited to make these! Can you tell?! I haven’t had a doughnut in over 5 years – This is something I have not found anywhere dairy free, so imagine how pleased I was when I successfully made them. I always thought they would be extremely difficult to make, very time consuming and fiddly, so I did not bother to look up a recipe.

I then stumbled across a recipe for doughnuts in Jamie Magazine and saw that doughnuts did not seem quite as hard as I thought. Sort of like bread with a few extra ingredients, and then fried. So I took the plunge… and it worked! A sweet soft chewy mouthful with a pop of sweet jam in the middle… ideal. The only thing was that my doughnuts were not quite as pretty as those in the picture of the recipe. I’m sure that will come with practice, and, lets face it, thats hardly the most important thing when it comes to doughnuts!

I would say these doughnuts are best eaten fresh on the day you make them. If you decide to keep any for the next day, stop after deep fat frying them, and only coat in sugar and fill with jam just before eating. Microwave on high for 15 seconds to heat them up again. Continue reading

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