Steamed Chocolate Pudding


A delicious, retro classic. Perfect for feeding a crowd after a meal, this chocolate sponge pudding is sure to delight with it’s rich, chocolate flavour. Serve with hazelnut custard or ice cream.

I often find myself day dreaming about food. I used to think everyone did this (but apparently not?!), and it was during a particularly chocolate filled thought that this recipe came to mind. When I was a child, Cadbury’s steamed chocolate pudding used to be a real treat. Not because they were anything special, but it felt like a treat as they were one of the few puddings we ate that were not homemade.


Sadly, but expectedly, Cadbury’s steamed chocolate puddings contain rather a lot of dairy goodness, and so it has been a really, really long time since I’ve had one. But I knew that steamed sponge puddings were not meant to be that hard to make… so I thought I really should give it a go. I’m so glad I did; not only was the recipe an absolute triumph, it also inspired the Hazelnut Custard recipe which I posted two weeks ago, which has become a real favourite in our house.


The hardest thing about this pudding, honestly, was tying up the handle on the pudding basin. If you haven’t got a pudding basin, you can use any heat proof dish – the reason it’s good to use a basin is they have a lip round the top, which is ideal for tying the string round it. My handle turned into some engineered feat of brilliance (read: a lot of unnecessary knots caused by string cut too short!) but worked none the less, and made getting the pudding out of the pot a lot easier!


If you can handle making the handle, you’re sorted. This is a mix it and go recipe, where all the ingredients get put into a bowl and whizzed together. It would be perfect to make for pudding after a roast or other big family meal. It has universal appeal (who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate?!) and can calmly cook away as you get on with other things.


And for such a simple recipe, the results are tremendous. Rich and dense chocolate sponge, with a decadent and thick chocolate sauce dripping over the top – an ever so slightly more grown up version of the Cadbury’s favourite. The pudding is perfect served with this hazelnut custard, but would work just as well with ice cream. Along with the custard, this is sure to be a repeated recipe in our house!


Makes 1 large pudding, serves 8. Takes 30 minutes plus cooking time.

Use a 2 pint pudding basin, or other heatproof dish.

Recipe adapted from:


Chocolate sauce:

  • 100g dairy free butter
  • 50g light brown sugar
  • 100g dark chocolate
  • 2 tbsp non dairy milk


  • 100g dairy free butter, plus extra for greasing
  • 75g light brown sugar
  • 200g self raising flour
  • 3 eggs
  • 50g cocoa powder
  • 6 tbsp non dairy yoghurt
  • tiny pinch of salt

Hazelnut custard to serve

  1. Make the chocolate sauce. Melt all the sauce ingredients in a heatproof bowl suspended over gently simmering water.
  2. IMG_3776
  3. Grease the pudding bowl all over, then pour roughly one third of the chocolate sauce into the bottom of the basin.
  4. Put all the pudding ingredients into a mixer or food processor, and mix until smooth (you could of course do this with a wooden spoon in a bowl!)
  5. Spoon the batter into the pudding basin on top of the sauce – start by dolloping tablespoons around edge of the basin, and work inwards with the batter until all the sauce is covered (tip: This stops the sauce mixing in with the batter as it bakes).
  6. IMG_3777
  7. Pour the remaining batter into the pudding basin, and smooth over the top.
  8. Cover the basin with greaseproof, and then two layers of foil on top. Scrunch the edges of the foil together to create a seal around the pudding. It should stop any steam or water getting directly to the pudding.
  9. IMG_3778
  10. If wished, tie string around the edge of the pudding basin, and then create a handle of string over the top. This will make it a lot easier to take out of the water later.
  11. Place a heatproof plate at the bottom of a pot large enough to hold the pudding basin with a lid on, fill the pot about 1/3rd with boiling water, and then place the pudding in. The water should come about half way up the pudding basin.
  12. Place a lid on the pot and simmer the pudding for about 1 and 1/2 hours. Keep an eye on the water level to make sure it doesn’t boil dry.
  13. When the time is up, removing the pudding basin from the pot. Turn the pudding out onto a serving plate, scooping out any remaining chocolate sauce at the top.
  14. Serve in nice big wedges with the reserved chocolate sauce, and lashings of the hazelnut custard.

NB: If you have any left overs, simply warm through in the microwave in 15 second bursts.



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2 responses to “Steamed Chocolate Pudding

  1. Ob my goodness I think I would need to have a rest after eating this, especially with the custard. True comfort good, Chloe.


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